Glossy Covers

After a decade, Cover upped its game by switching printers and going from a tabloid to a glossy-covered, standard-sized, stapled magazine. With the switch, we were able to get Ingram as a national distributor. (It helped that Wright’s cousin Doug Devlin worked there.) WDRE radio dubbed Wright “Mr. Underground” and he decided to update the name to Cover Magazine, The Underground National.

D-Generation, March 1995, vol.9, no.2

New York rocker Jesse Malin and his band was on the cover of the first glossy Cover. Associate Publisher Michael McKenzie profiled the band and provided a studio for a photo shoot with Bob Berg.

The issue also profiled The Cramps, Bush, and Bad Religion. Film Editor William Kelly interviewed Isabell Huppert. Art critic Saul Ostrow reflected on the loss and redemption of R.B. Kitaj. With poetry by Bernadette Mayer and Frank Lima.

Alison Stewart, May, 1995 vol.9, no.4

Our second issue in the glossy 64-page format featured Alison Stewart, a writer, producer, editor, and presenter for MTV news. Cover photo by Luigi Cazzaniga.

The issue also featured an interview with Radiohead by KK Kozik. Photos by Bob Berg. Originally Radiohead was to have a six page fashion spread but Thom Yorke wouldn’t allow his bandmates to wear any of the clothes from Patricia Field.

Plus Adam McGovern interviewed Bad Brains. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ studio visit with Julian Schnabel. Poetry by Allen Ginsberg.

Milla, Summer '95, vol.9, no.2

Milla Jovovich was only 19 at the time of this interview, only 8 years after Richard Avedon “discovered” her. She talks about her background as a Soviet emigre and her independence. The photographer, Stephen Churchill Downes, had a topless picture. We wanted to use it on the cover but were worried about postal codes. So the designer (Steve Walters) put some words in strategic places on top of the image.

Musical acts Catherine Wheel, Everclear, Last Poets and Widespread Panic had features. Robert Edelman profiled artist Hunt Slonem. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders profiled William Gibson and Henry Rollins. William Kelly interviewed actress Claire Denis.

Andre Codrescu, September 1995, vol.9, no.6

Andrei had a new novel out, a fictional account of Elizabeth Bathory who murdered over 600 virgins in a quest for immortality. Andrei was on a press junket. Bob Berg and I went to his hotel room for a shoot. Andrei says that he “got reports that the average for the read was 14 hard ons.” This was one of only a few issues that featured an author on the cover. Others included William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Maggie Estep, and Eileen Myles.

Featured artists included Marisol and Ann-Sargent Wooster’s review of Marina Abramović. Critic Phyllis Braff covered Lucian Freud, Andres Serrano and others in the Venice Biennale. Lewis Warsh, Clark Coolidge, Lita Hornick, and Ilka Scobie had poems in the issue. The designer by this time was long time contributing photographer, Luigi Cazzzniga.

Pauly Shore, March 1996, vol.10, no.2

"Pauly Looks at New Shores" was our cover story by Nana Asfour with a fashion photo shoot by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. I ferried the legendary Pauly to Comme des Garçons for a fitting. He was genuine fun. Timothy also contributed his Photo Diary featuring Lou Reed.

NY Times art critic Phyllis Braff covered Adolph Gottlieb. Editor Stuart Nicholson covered sculptor Petah Coyne. Photography editor A.D. Coleman reviewed a slew of conceptual shows including Steve Kasher, Larry Clark, Elaine Lustig Cohen, Beth B. and Peter Campus. Calvin Klein had the back cover ad.

Patti Rothberg, May 1996,  vol.10, no.4

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders gave us a portrait of Chris Penn, Sean Penn’s brother. Chris was featured in Mulholland Falls which was just out. The film has become a cult classic but the initial reviews were negative so I chose an upcoming rocker named Patti Rothberg. She also was a painter which made her uniquely suited to Cover, since most of the magazine was about music or art. Bob Berg had a great shot of her.

KK Kozik interviewed Mojave 3. Other musical interviews included Wayne Kramer, Collective Soul, and Ruby. Theater Editor Kevin Martin interviewed Larry Meyers. The issue had poetry by Jim Brody, Ira Cohen, Lita Hornick, and John Wieners.

Poe, Summer 1996, vol.10, no.6

The magazine really hit its stride in the summer of 1996, putting fashion in the mix and dressing up our musical stars like Poe. Photographer Bob Berg got some hot shots of the performer wearing swimwear from Diesel, Betsy Johnson, and Cake.

Contributing Editor Robert C. Morgan covered Yayoi Kusama at Paula Cooper Gallery. Contributing Editor Gerard Haggerty interviewed film director Pedro Almodovar.Poetry by Tom Clark, Lisa Jarnot and a collaboration by Allen Ginsberg and Jeff Wright.

Fiona Apple, September 1996, vol.10, no.7

Raye Snover interviewed singer songwriter Fiona Apple, an 18 year old who cites Maya Angelou as an inspiration. Fashion by Agnes B. Photos by Bob Berg. Art stories included coverage of Lika Mutal at Nohra Haime Gallery, Marlene Yu and an interview with curator Charlotta Kotik. The issue introduced our website and Dewar’s long term contract for the back cover.

Henry Rollins, October 1996, vol.10, no.8

Rocker, record label owner, and spoken word artist Henry Rollins spoke to Stephanie Pederson about his new book, Eye Scream. Cover photo by Bob Berg. Stephanie also interviewed writer John Strausbaugh. Plus an interview with poet, diarist, musician, and novelist Jim Carroll.

A focus on New Orleans music featured Cowboy Mouth, Kermit Ruffins, Willie Deville, with photos and text by Jeff Wright. Hot music picks by Syd Straw. Knoedler Gallery on its 150th birthday.

Laura Dern, Holidays 1996, vol.10, no.9

Following Jurassic Park, Laura Dean starred in a pro-abortion comedy called Citizen Ruth. She dressed in Richard Tyler for our shoot by Luigi Cazzaniga.

This was our first issue in a glossy format to have color inside. Senior Editor KK Kozik interviewed They Might Be Giants. Deputy Editor Ilka Scobie interviewed artist Julia Jacquette at Holly Solomon Gallery. Contributor Stewart Nicholson covered Tova Beck-Friedman’s show. A Timothy Greenfield-Sanders “Portrait Diary” featured Picasso’s model and lover Francois Gilot-Salk, Ismail Merchant and James Ivory.